Chapel Restoration Efforts
The Board of Directors recognizes the restoration and preservation of Woodlawn Cemetery and the chapel as a gift to the community and a work of art that enhances the natural beauty of Canandaigua. The project also breathes new life into the corporate body of the cemetery. Numerous services and activities will be launched inviting more people to the cemetery ultimately increas-ing the knowledge and utilization of the assets of the Canandaigua Cemetery Association. Ancillary services and activities will be packaged and promoted more visibly that will compliment organization structure and will not dilute or fragmentize current management and operations.

As a non-denominational community cemetery, this project is truly a community effort with community re-wards. Restoring the chapel will offer new opportunities to the public while enhancing the cemetery and what the cemetery has to offer to the community.

In prospective... our community, our cemetery, our chapel.

Visually, the need to restore and preserve the chapel may be obvious. However, the use and sustainability after restoration is very important for preservation so that the chapel is enjoyed for many generations to come.
Initially the chapel was built for committal services, as a place where family and friends could pay tribute to their loved ones without having to suffer the weather at a graveside service. It is of great importance to be able to offer this service once again, avoiding liability and hazardous conditions at the time of grieving.

We are excited for the potential additional uses that the restored chapel facility will offer. Some of the suggested services and activities include: committal services; worship services; vow renewals; lectures; guided tours; meetings; cultural and social events; small musical venue; plays and recitals; small intimate weddings; and educational forums.
The cemetery is currently utilized by the Finger Lakes Community College, and the Canandaigua Primary, Elementary, and Middle schools as an outdoor classroom.

Woodlawn, and the chapel in particular, is a popular destination for independent artists and photographers, including a local organization that provides photog-raphy sessions for people with intellectual and develop-mental disabilities. It is anticipated that the same pas-sion for the cemetery and the exterior of the chapel will be even more bountiful when these cultural activities are offered from within the chapel.

It is important that Woodlawn, a non-denominational community-oriented cemetery, offer services and op-portunities in the chapel, an architectural treasure, for all the public to utilize and enjoy.

Thank you for your support.

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