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Cemetery Preplanning... Peace of Mind
Preplanning is the answer to lowering the cost of burial expenses and it helps to lessen the impact of bereavement on the living. By thinking ahead, youíll make informed, thoughtful decisions about your burial arrangements. Imagine the peace-of-mind youíll have knowing it's been taken care of. Our office can assist you in determining what burial options are right for you.

To assist you with your decision process of considering which burial option is right for you, simply go to the Burial Options link on the homepage for helpful information to begin your process. If you need assistance sorting things out, you can also speak to a caring, knowledgeable representative at the cemetery office that can also help you determine the burial option thatís right for you.

Whether casket or cremation, a simple way to get started is by purchasing just your memorial space, whether the space is in-ground or in a columbarium (cremation niche).

Think you might be ready to buy your space? Contact the cemetery office to make a no-obligation appointment. You'll receive a personal consultation, tailored to your specific burial and memorialization preferences.

Once you've purchased your memorial burial space, later you can purchase all remaining necessary burial items. Items to consider when preplanning, in addition to a burial lot or cremation niche, are the styles or types of vaults/grave liners, caskets or cremation urns, interment fees, and memorials (monuments/grave markers).

Woodlawn Cemetery has been helping families deal with grief and loss for generations. We know the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest times anyone has to face. We also know that facing this difficult issue and planning ahead can spare those left behind significant emotional and financial burdens. It is our hope that we can help you make informed burial decisions that are best for you and your family so that at the time of loss, those left behind are able to quickly transition from grief to remembrance.

Death is an inevitable part of life. Just like preparing a will, planning ahead is difficult but necessary to help your family. We encourage you to sit down with your loved ones and discuss this sensitive issue ahead of time.

Preplanning benefits everyone. Sharing your thoughts with your spouse, children and friends will help them understand your wishes and help you understand how your decisions will affect them. Documenting your decisions spares them from making hard decisions at a difficult and emotionally charged time and helps them to more quickly transition through grief to focus on the positive memories. Knowing your wishes will be carried out gives you peace of mind. Preplanning can also be a financially sound decision.

Woodlawn Cemetery personnel are available to help you understand all of your burial options. In a short time, we can present a variety of options and help you determine what is best for you and your family.

More than 50% of all Americans ages 50-74 have already preplanned. Preplanning enables you to choose your burial options according to your wishes and needs.

Remember, preplanning enables you to: help your loved ones understand your wishes and how they will be affected; spare your family from making hard decisions at an emotionally stressful time; make a financially sound decision; and alleviate additional grief at the time of loss, so your loved ones can focus on memorializing your life. Preplan today for security and peace of mind from knowing it's been taken care of.