Burial Options
Woodlawn Cemetery is dedicated to offering a variety of choices to our community. These options include in-ground and above-ground burials for full body or cremated remains.

In-ground casket burials have the choice of purchasing lots from four different sections. Currently these include Sections 25, 27, 28 and R. Sections 25, 27 and 28 are multiple grave lots where a minimum of two graves must be purchased. Section R is sold on a single grave basis, however more than one can be purchased to comprise a larger lot if so desired. In these sections, two burials per grave are allowed. Burials per grave may include one casket and one cremation or two cremations. Two casket burials per grave are not allowed.

In-ground cremation burials have many options as well. Lots may be purchased from any of the sections that are allowed for casket burials as well as from Section P, a designated cremation only section.

Woodlawn Cemetery also offers above-ground cremation burials in one of our beautiful columbaria situated in picturesque locations. Columbaria are free standing units containing multiple cremation niches. Each niche can hold one or two cremated remains.
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